Hello, VeeFriends, it’s Tenacious Turkey taking over this week’s VeeFriends roundup intro. As we enter the holiday season there is so much to be thankful for. Here at VeeFriends we are beyond grateful for this community and the relationships built along the way. Our community continues to aspire to live and share the characteristics and traits of  me and my 267 VeeFriends on a daily basis and for that we want to say a huge “Thank you!.” Now, let’s get you caught up on all things VeeFriends as we roundup the week.

Be Tenacious. Tenaciously thankful for the health of your friends and family. Everything else is easy! 

Limited Edition Collab Wine: 2019 Empathy Elephant Cabernet Sauvignon

The Empathy Wines x VeeFriends 2019 Empathy Elephant Cabernet Sauvignon is now LIVE on Empathy Wines website. It is only available to purchase from now till Monday, November 29th and limited to 1200 cases. Once gone, no more. 

P.S. GaryVee and the Empathy Wines Team will be hosting a live wine tasting today from 1-3pm EST to try out the exclusive 2019 Empathy Elephant Wine. Quick sneak-peak on the tasting notes include dark cherry aroma with flavors of oak, fruit and sweet cigar, and will pair nicely with thoughtful conversation and holiday meals to come!

Somebody is going to feel like a Very Very Very Very Lucky Black Cat on Friday!

Gary is giving away one of his  G.O.O VeeFriends today! Join the discord to see when Gary announces the giveaway details – hint: he has already mentioned that it would be a good idea to make your favorite VeeFriends your Twitter profile pic. Remember, GOO (Gary’s Originally Owned) giveaways are rare occasions because out of the 10,255 VeeFriends tokens, there are only 1,242 GOOs in existence, and will always carry significance since Gary is their original owner.

5-Minute Facetimes with GaryVee

The first FaceTime session was a major success! 32 FaceTime token holders were able to pick Gary’s brain for 5 minutes on whatever topic they chose.
For our holders, this was a special moment. 1 on 1 access to Gary is not an easy thing to get, but it is made possible through our Access tokens! It was equally special for Gary, because he cherishes the opportunities to meet his community, express his sincere gratitude to them for believing in VeeFriends, and enjoys providing value to them any way he can. It was a memorable day across the board, and we’re so excited for the next session on 02/17/2022 for eligible holders!

Sales / Pick-Ups of the Week:

This week Very Rares took home the spotlight: pick-up of an Epic Joyous Jellyfish, Truculent T-Rex and Passionate Parrot round up the week nicely.

VeeCon: Official Event Details

VeeCon 2022 will be held in Minneapolis, Minnesota from May 19th to May 22nd, 2022. The official conference opening will be in the U.S. Bank Stadium bright and early on the morning of the 20th, so please make sure you arrive in Minneapolis on the 19th to attend the opening the next day. VeeCon stadium programming will end late afternoon on the 22nd and there will be community satellite events running throughout the entire weekend. VeeCon will be an out of this world 4 day experience and we hope to see you there!

Below are hotel blocks reserved for our community for the best prices, limited availability for each:

Element Minneapolis Downtown

AC Hotel Minneapolis Downtown

Hilton Minneapolis (CODE: VEE when booking over the phone at 1-888-933-5363 or when making reservations on www.hilton.com)

Loews Minneapolis Hotel

Hotel Ivy, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Minneapolis

PSA: VeeFriends Holders Claim Deadlines

  • 11/28 Empathy Elephant, Last Glass Standing, Sensible Sommelier free 2019 Empathy Elephant Cabernet Sauvignon bottle claiming 
  • 11/29 Gift Goat Claim Reminder 🎁🐐
  • 12/16 Hangout Hawk Session 2
  • 2/17 Facetime Experience booking 

If you need to claim any of the above, head over to VeeFriends website and go to your “My Profile” section to see all Unclaimed Token(s) above.

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