VeeFriends Family, I am excited and humbled to share our first inaugural Roundup post with the community. From VeeCon updates, notable partner announcements, VeeFriends sales, to noteworthy engagement in the discord and news in the industry, we are excited to use this format to encapsulate and call out the top and most important moments that happened over the course of week.

I hope this roundup helps deliver a way to make sure the community never misses the highlights or the need to know news from VeeFriends. Thank you for being a part of this community and journey with us and feel free to hit me or VeeFriends up on Twitter anytime with recommendations for the roundup. 

Talk soon,

Andy Krainak, President, VeeFriends

VeeFriends Team here 👋

Can you believe NFT.NYC and the Secret Wine Party were just a week ago? Us Either.  With everything in the space moving at lightning speed, we want to keep our community informed and up-to-date on the latest and greatest in VeeFriends. 

There is so much to catch you up on so let’s get started!

Discord Stage Wednesday 11/17 – Big Announcement 🍷

On Wednesday, 11/17 at 12PM ET Gary will be LIVE in the VeeFriends Discord audio stage where he will be joined by good friends and Empathy Wines co-founders, Jon Troutman (Vice President, DTC Marketing – Constellation Brands) and Nate Scherotter (Vice President, DTC – Constellation Brands), for a surprise wine announcement. You won’t want to miss this delicious announcement!

Hangout Hawks Unite in the Inaugural Session! 🐦

On 11/10, for the first time ever, The HAWKS came together! The Hangout Hawks is an access token that brings an exclusive group of 125 owners together for a 60 min Q&A session with Gary 5 times a year for 3 years total. A priceless experience of access and camaraderie. You never know what kind of alpha Gary may drop in these private calls, but you can be sure to expect the unexpected. The next hangout is December 16th, 2021 for Hawks only – are you ready?

A PLP *Quietly* Dropped on Wednesday 🤫

We recently quietly dropped our newest PLP partner: Blue Studios into the VeeFriends discord on Wednesday to reward those most active in the discord during that time. For us, ​​with each PLP we aspire to bring more value to our VeeFriends community and will continue to grow and learn from each experience. 

Blue Studios is a STEM focused 12,000 generative project led by Kelley Cambry who co-founded two award-winning STEM curriculums for elementary schools. With their fearless leader, Blue Studios is on a mission to show children the good of science fiction, especially space travel. 555 VeeFriends owners will be airdropped a token with perks including a lifetime pass to, ‘Play to Earn’ metaverse access, merch, and more. We are wishing Blue Studios a successful general mint on 11/15!

Podcast Panther: LIVE In-Person Experience in NYC

The FIRST VeeFriends access token experience was none other than Podcast Panther Alec Hanson. Not only did Alec interview Gary on his podcast, but it was done live in the notorious GaryVee office in New York! This was truly a unique experience that’s only fit for our 5 Podcast Panther access token holders who get to have. We couldn’t be happier for Alec’s experience and are so excited to share his interview in case you missed it: 

Sales / Pick-Ups of the Week:

It was a notable week for our specs this week, as there have been four VeeFriends Spectacular sales since last week.

NFT.NYC & Secret Wine Party

Last week was historic for the NFT community as NFT.NYC took place in our hometown New York City. It was filled with memorable events, including our founder GaryVee hosting a secret wine party for anyone who was in town. We want to thank everyone who showed up and to those who couldn’t make it, let’s just say we are even more excited for VeeCon!

(There was a line around the block to get into the party, so Gary decided to take the party outside!)

(Gary pouring some red & white for the crowd)

Education Corner:

Sometimes 1 week can feel like 1 month in the NFT/web3 world, from new platforms, projects, and tools to exciting events and innovative products – that’s where we come in. In Education Corner we’ll highlight and share relevant information across Web3 to keep you informed on what’s happening and what may be around the corner.