Believe it or not, the holiday season is fast approaching! Here at VeeFriends, we’re thankful for the incredible community that has grown this year, to the 160K members of our discord and the 5,000+ VeeFriends holders and in the vein of the holiday spirit we’re thrilled to be able to give back to community with another Pre-Launch Program (PLP) Partner!

Knowing we are only as strong as our community we wanted to give the first at bat of this PLP drop to our active discord community who owns a VeeFriend. As a reminder, the PLP allows participants (emerging NFT projects) to grant 555 of their own project tokens to VeeFriends token holders while giving the participants project awareness to the robust VeeFriends Community.

So, in the spirit of giving, the next PLP will be…

Blue Studios

Blue Studios’ presents The Blockchain Adventures of Bella the Blue-Bot, ​​a 3D collection of 12,000 programmatically generative Bellas with over a hundred different elements. 

Blue Studios is led by Kelley Cambry who co-founded two award-winning STEM curriculums for elementary schools. With their fearless leader, Blue Studios is on a mission to show children the good of science fiction, especially space travel. After teaching students pre-K through 12 STEM classes, they quickly realized 3D animated characters increase student engagement when introduced. From there, they created the inspiration for their NFT project–Bella, Blue Studios’ star robot to inspire kids. 

Through Bella the Blue-Bot, Blue Studios is building a 3D animated series, their very own Blueniverse, and a comic book series to excite kids and families about space exploration, technology, and innovation. The impact of this project will be daily donations for education-focused campaigns. Blue Studios is looking to use NFT technology to take the next step in its mission of introducing STEM education while engaging, exciting, and entertaining everyone who’s ready to join in on the fun.

555 VeeFriends owners will receive a token featuring a Bella. Perks include a lifetime pass to, ‘Play to Earn’ metaverse access, merch, and more.

Below are the dates you need to know for Blue Studios:

11/10: PLP Announcement 

11/13: Blue Studios Whitelisted Pre-Sale 

11/15: Blue Studios PLP Airdrop to 555 VeeFriends Holders

11/15:  General Mint

NOTE! Knowing we are only as strong as our amazing community we wanted to reward those engaged in our discord with this drop. The Blue Studios PLP will be airdropped by filling out the below first come first serve eligibility form and will be capped at 555 VeeFriend holders who apply. 

UPDATE: Eligibility Form is Now Closed.

There is a lot more to learn about this robust project, check it out at: