The Pre-Launch Program (PLP) is in full swing! To keep you up to speed, the PLP allows participants (emerging NFT projects) to grant 555 of their own project tokens to VeeFriends token holders while ​​giving the participants project awareness to the robust VeeFriends Community – benefiting both communities in true symbiosis.

The first PLP project, Dapper Dinos, airdropped 555 randomly selected VeeFriends holders and has since donated over 200 ETH to charity. Last weekend, the second PLP project, GRILLZ GANG, reserved a new set of randomly selected 555 VeeFriends holders the opportunity to free-mint a GRILLZ one day prior to the public sale. We’re wishing GRILLZ GANG a successful public launch and appreciate their participation in the PLP. To follow along with their progress, check out their discord

Because good things come in threes, we’re eager to announce the next PLP project:

The Drops

The Drops is an art-focused community project initiated by one artist (Nebenzu) and joined by over 39 established and emerging NFT artists from around the world. The project is centered around one character, “Drop,” split into three series. It’s not a 10K generative project; the focus is on high-quality art with a limited supply. The project is capped to a total of 1,500 tokens across all series. Each series will unlock different hidden chat channels in the Discord server for eligible collectors. Further utility will continue to be added as the project grows and evolves.

Veefriends holders will receive a total of 355 of the following tokens, issued at random: 

The Original Series: 250 tokens (hand-generated 2D artworks, with 52 different traits ranked by rarity)

The Multiple Series: 75 tokens (3D artworks, 15/15 editions)

The Artist Series: 30 tokens (3D artist collaborations, 1/1 edition)

Below are key dates you need to know for The Drops:

9/27:  The Drops PLP Announcement 

10/9: Last day to have VF in wallet and be eligible for PLP-The Drops

10/15 AM: VF Airdrop 

(NOTE! The Drops token delivery method will be airdrop, meaning all you have to do is… well, nothing! – aside from owning a VeeFriend and waiting for the project to launch to see if your wallet has been airdropped a Drop.)

10/15 4 PM EST: General Mint (The Drops general mint will be the auction of 30 tokens from their exclusive The Artist Series. The link to The Artist Series auction will be provided on their website,

Explore more about The Drops at: