As a refresher, the Pre-Launch Program allows participants (emerging NFT projects) to grant 555 of their own project tokens to VeeFriends token holders – giving their project awareness to the ever-amazing VeeFriends community, and giving VeeFriends holders the chance to dabble in a new project! Each project is different, so the token delivery mechanics will be unveiled on a per-project basis. 

Congratulations to all VeeFriends holders who received an airdrop of the first Pre-Launch Program (PLP) project — Dapper Dinos! 555 VeeFriends holders were sent a Dapper Dino NFT after the Dino team selected 555 wallet addresses at random to gift a surprise Dino. We’re excited and appreciative of the Dapper Dino team for their participation in the PLP and encourage everyone who got a Dino token to join their community Discord. For us, with each Pre-Launch Program project, we aspire to bring more value to our VeeFriends community and are looking forward to growing and learning from every PLP partner. 

Without further ado, the next PLP project is…


A collection of 5,555 unique GRILLZ NFTs shining on the Ethereum blockchain. In addition to lighting up the room, your GRILLZ will grant you membership to GRILLZ GANG and give you full access to the VIP area. Each GRILLZ is randomly generated from over 150 traits with assorted rarities in eight categories. For as long as you own your GRILLZ, you are granted full creative and commercial rights. Yes, that means you can put your GRILLZ on a T-Shirt and sell it on Instagram. The GRILLZ team is excited to be a part of the PLP and we’re excited to see how their community evolves.

Below are the dates you need to know for Grillz:

9/20: Last day to have VF in your wallet and be eligible for PLP-Grillz

9/25: Pre-mint 

(NOTE! Grillz token delivery mechanism will be free-mint, which means you will receive the token upon paying the gas-only. There will be 555 Grillz NFTs reserved for VeeFriends owners. Because the VeeFriends PLP Grillz are reserved, the randomly selected VeeFriends wallets will have first dibs during the pre-mint phase and can mint anytime after as well to combat gas prices. Basically, don’t mint when gas prices are high, you have time!

9/26: Public sales begin 

For full instructions on Grillz Gang’s PLP VeeFriends Mint, see: 

Check them out on their socials!