The long-term journey continues…

Today marks an exciting day for our Founder and Creator Gary Vaynerchuk as well as the entire VeeFriends community! We are excited to announce that five of Gary’s original VeeFriends drawings will soon be auctioned at the world-renowned Christie’s auction house.

VeeFriends Christie’s Auction – October 1, 2021

On October 1, 2021, the original hand drawn artwork for “You’re Gonna Die” Fly, Gratitude Gorilla, Tremendous Tiger, “Diamond Hands” Hen, and Empathetic Elephant will make their Christie’s debut. This is a huge milestone not only for Gary, but for the VeeFriends token holders and community as a whole. “It elevates the brand,” says Gary. “People have underestimated this project in the OG NFT-land, and this is another execution that is not gonna allow them to underestimate it anymore.” 

Check out Gary’s official announcement in this CNN interview clip: 

Merging Digital and Real World Value

Christie’s is no stranger to the NFT landscape. Back in March, they shocked the world when they held their first ever auction for a purely digital painting, a Beeple piece which sold for $69 million. The auction house is also set to hold an online-only sale later this month, featuring popular PFP NFT projects including Bored Apes and CryptoPunks. 

The impending October VeeFriends auction, however, is a bit different. It is unique in that, unlike the above examples, Gary’s auction will feature his actual, physical drawings rather than NFTs. Why is this important? This auction demonstrates the clear value of NFTs in both the digital and physical arenas. It signifies to critics and those who remain skeptical that non-fungible tokens are not simply “jpegs” – they hold significant viability as real world assets. Now, there is the potential to own a VeeFriend both in token and physical form. 

Redefining Art

The Christie’s auction not only expands the market value of VeeFriends NFTs and the potential benefit for the community, it also marks a major shift in the conversation around contemporary art. By aligning with such an esteemed authority in the art industry, digital art can no longer be dismissed as fake, silly, or less legitimate. Once auctioned, these five VeeFriends drawings will have tangible value as collectibles, thus opening the door for digital and physical art to co-exist. It’s not about whether digital or physical art has more value…In Gary’s own words, “it will always be ‘AND’ when it comes to art.” 

This is a truly exciting moment for VeeFriends, the crypto community, and artists alike! It’s Gary’s hope – and ours! –  that this inspires more people to continue to be creative, and to expand their beliefs around what can be considered “art” in an NFT-world.

From Drawings to Auction

Story time! When Gary first finished drawing the VeeFriends characters, he had his VeeFriends drawings officially graded and clamped in plastic containers by PSA, an industry leader in grading and authentication for sports cards and other collectibles. These PSA-graded drawings even include some characters which were excluded from the official VeeFriends collection, like “Optimistic Octopus.” From the entire group, only five will be auctioned at Christie’s next month. 

For the full story on how these five characters went from sharpie and paper to officially graded collectibles ready for auction, check out Gary’s story-time below! 

“You’re Gonna Die” Fly
Gratitude Gorilla
Tremendous Tiger
“Diamond Hands” Hen
Empathy Elephant

This is only the beginning…Look out for the Christie’s auction on October 1st, and get ready for the floor to roar. 😉