We have received hundreds of incredible project submissions for the Pre-Launch Program (PLP) and are very excited to provide our anticipated launch schedule dates as well as announce our first Pre-Launch Partner!

Dapper Dinos is a creation from two fathers whose children happened to be absolutely obsessed with dinosaurs…so much so that ‘Dino Dads’ Chris & Rick went ahead and created an entire NFT project for them.

With an authentic story and an innovative approach, the Dapper Dinos are going to have an impact on charities specifically focused on STEM and getting children excited about science. Gary and VeeFriends are thrilled to have Dapper Dinos as the first PLP partner and to be able to provide 555 of these tokens for randomly selected VeeFriends holders.

All dates below are the dates our partner projects will be announced and launched in the next 8 weeks: 

September 15 
September 26
October 15 

As a reminder, you are eligible to receive a token from these launches if you have a VeeFriends token in your wallet 5 days in advance of all PLP launch dates. We will randomly select 555 wallet addresses of our VeeFriends holders and on a per-project basis, token delivery mechanics will be unveiled for each PLP project. 

For Dapper Dinos, it will be an airdrop! Meaning, all you have to do is… well, nothing! – aside from owning a VeeFriend and waiting for the project to launch to see if your wallet was airdropped a Dino. In the meantime, you can learn more about the project by joining the Discord here: https://discord.gg/hStKGbrxEE For more detailed information on the PLP program and how to potentially apply, check out this blog post.