Welcome to the VeeFriends Pre-Launch Program (PLP). If you are the creator of a brand new or emerging NFT project, my hope is that this program will serve as an additional boost of support during your launch. The goal of the PLP is to give you a starting point to building your own community through giving you some access to some of mine. PLP participants will donate 555 of their own project tokens to VeeFriends token holders – an amazing opportunity to use the power of surprise & delight to gain access to the passionate, creative, and entrepreneurial token holders that make up the VeeFriends community. 

Now, obviously for me, the other side of this Pre-Launch Program was created to make sure the incredible VeeFriends holders who supported me and VeeFriends at launch benefit dramatically.

By using the exposure of my project and the long-term vision I have for VeeFriends it felt like a perfect match for VeeFriends to be able to sit in the middle and help emerging artists and projects get a little and quick jump while to be frank I do my absolute best at making sure all the VeeFriends token holders are disproportionately happy with VeeFriends. And as you can imagine after we do dozens and dozens and dozens of these releases with the selected partners my great hope is that one, two, or three of them do in fact become the next Bored Ape Yacht Club, or Women of the World, or Gutter Cats or Cool Cats or any other project with a meaningful and growing community. 

If you are interested please fill out the form below: