Coming off of VeeFriends’ inaugural release and auction, we are excited to share our first new updates to below!

Our website will continue to develop into a home base for all VeeFriends holders and VeeFriends activity and we’re looking forward to continuing to develop the site over the coming months and… years 😉

1. Enhanced Security

When you connect your wallet, you will sign a message as well to verify ownership with the websites (just like connecting your wallet to Open Sea)

2. “My Profile” Admin Page

After you connect your wallet to the site, hit your wallet account display in the top right corner, you will see a dropdown menu where you can select “My Profile” which will take you to your private admin profile page, for you to be able create your own VeeFriends display name, bio, social handles, and most importantly your email address to ensure we can effectively communicate with you when needed! By adding your email, this allows you to never miss the latest and the greatest updates on VeeFriends tokens & VeeCon. PLUS, this will let us have a direct line of communication contact with you if needed! (Please note: your email strictly is private and held off chain in a secure manner).

3. Gift Goat

If you have a Gift goat, you will see extra options under “My Profile” to add your mailing address, shirt size, and shoe size to receive your Gift Goat gifts!

4. My Collection Page

The VeeFriends’ collection page is based on a users token’s and the inputs they’ve entered into their Admin Profile Page. We envision the “Collection Page” as a public profile for VeeFriends holders to show off, view, and share their VeeFriends collection.

5. Token Transaction History

By clicking on any VeeFriends token’s landing page, you will now be able to see recent activities of the token and the ability to visit Etherscan, OpenSea, and the token user’s collection page on VeeFriends site.

P.S. If you don’t see these updates yet, we recommend clearing your cache and refreshing the site. Video breakdowns for each browser below: 




These updates are just some of many more we’re cooking up :shout: let us know what you think in Discord and make some friends in the community no matter if you are old or new!